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BIOFERTI MAGNESIUM is a magnesium sulphate fertiliser (kieserite) that corrects magnesium deficiencies and provides humic and fulvic acids for the soil. Magnesium is a very mobile element in the plant and inside the cells. Magnesium is essential for photosynthesis (it is part of the chlorophyll), stimulating nitrogen metabolism and carbon fixation in the plant. It acts as a binding element between molecules and activates processes such as protein synthesis and the transfer of phosphate groups. It favours the assimilation of phosphorus and nitrogen.




INTER ECO Insumos Certificados, ECOFERTI

BIOFERTI MAGNESIUM is active in the transformation of nitrogen in the plant and also enables better potassium use and sugar accumulation. The humic and fulvic acids make this product a good corrector of pH and magnesium deficiencies.


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