BIOFERTI MOLYBDENUM is a 3% molybdenum fertiliser complexed with low molecular weight carboxylic acids. Molybdenum is involved in the redox system of the enzyme nitrate-reductase, which is key to plant nitrogen fixation. In legumes, it is part of nitrogenase, an enzyme that performs the biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. Molybdenum deficiency causes reduced pollen grain formation and viability. Cucurbit plants are particularly sensitive to molybdenum deficiency. Deficiency weakens the nitrogen metabolism process in plants and nitrates accumulate in the tissues. It participates in nucleic acid biosynthesis and photosynthesis. It increases the efficiency of phosphorus- and potassium-based fertilisers.

It drastically reduces nitrogen loss through denitrification and nitrate leaching.


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INTERECo Insumos certificados, ECOFERTI


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