The key is soil regeneration.

ECOFERTI’s RDI Department analyses and develops new formulas to develop effective fertilisers for use in organic farming.

Together with the knowledge that comes from traditional agriculture, our technicians’ proven experience will contribute to updating farmers’ knowledge and practices in close collaboration with our company, involving them in the new challenges facing organic farming.

Our business strategy is research, action and participation. This new approach is motivated by the proven failure of technology packages generated in intensive farming. Our base is our knowledge of traditional farming; however, we also bring new value by integrating the latest research in organic farming, combining a wide range of cross-disciplines that provide specific solutions for the productivity and balance of your plantation.

ECOFERTI‘s RDI division is constantly evolving in the manufacture of organic fertilisers, conducting field trials on all types of crops and soils for programmes demanded by organic farmers.

Regenerative organic agriculture is our commitment.

From the very beginning at ECOFERTI we have oriented our customers towards regenerative organic agriculture using a holistic approach. This approach relies on nutrient replenishment, efficient irrigation water management and improving soil quality, obtaining healthier, nutrient-rich produce.

We believe that the best solution is always under our feet, in the soil; that’s why ECOFERTI continues to innovate and provide new sustainable solutions for the most demanding farmers and remains committed to the principles of agroecology.

If we manage to develop a living soil, we will gain in the fertility and regeneration of arable land and the microbial communities that live in it. In addition, by carrying out the necessary interventions with the appropriate machinery, we will increase the level of organic carbon in the soil so that it retains more water and is more fertile.